The Dude

well, first off, i’m not homophobic. while i don’t personally agree w/homosexuality and truthfully find it rather repulsive, at the same time i harbor no hate or harmful feelings towards those who choose this path. i try not to judge people based upon their lifestyle choices, however, i will judge and confront those who make themselves out to be blatant assholes (e.g. redbeardred).

secondly, i suggest to those who may have been offended by my comments to lighten the f*** up!! comparing what i’ve written to eminem’s material is a bit drastic, i’d say. anyhow, political correctness was sooooo five years ago.

finally, i realize the majority of my posts on this board (which are relatively few) may appear harsh/annoying/unproductive to some. and while i won’t guarantee this will change anytime in the near future, i appreciate the patience and level-headedness of the moderators who have responded to me.

still waitin’ for your rebuttle concerning my earlier post red, you big, sexy hetero, you!


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