i might of come on a little strong, but im glad i stirred things up.
i want to answer two things that came up in your replies. im sorry i said that i was sexxualy turned on by percusive hip action. its not true, but im shocked at the homophobic bullshit that came out of it. some people need to rethink there attudes. if you want to attack me, come at me with my spelling. dont be fucking jr. high children.

as for supporting j and music as a whole, i feel very strong about that. i got into j when he hired watt for the fog. i saw them at metro, double door and barrymore. i took a total of 10 guys with me, in fact it would of been 12 if you count the girls infrount of the metro after some guys bailed on us. bob and i decided at the last minute to go with every intention of getting our tickets at the door, which was quite a risk since the empty bottle had sold out last time we’d ventured to see j. we never asked to be on the guest list, but thankfully accepted with a clean consions. so do me a favor and go support watt on his current tour.