Thanks for the review, Shade. Wow, the California reviews have made me long for another visit there. Last time I wasin the state was over 10 years ago and not for fun.

I have had this info for awhile, but I didn’t get the impression anyone would give a hoot about it . On the "Grace of My Heart" soundtrack, Joni Mitchell had allowed the song "Man from Mars" to be used before it was released on her then-forthcoming album, "Taming the Tiger". In the movie, someone else who I forget sings the song, as does someone else on most of the soundtrack releases. However, a production goof was made and Joni’s voice appeared on several (hundred?) of the first releases to the public.

The folks over at The Joni Mitchell Discussion List would probably give up some dough for it or it might be interesting to know you have a collector’s item on your hands.

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