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Matty qui-9

thanx alison,
i’ve heard so many variations and different opinions on what that line is(what’s yours) and I thought I’d finally find the truth. alas old Dando dropped the ball. how funny is it that J refused to tell him what the line is years later.
had a dream a few weeks ago that I was singing back-ground vocals with R.E.M and patty smith(except patty smith sounded like nancy griffith) I had to read a spoken word part, but i kept messing up cause the photo copy of the words were all blury and Stipe got upset with me cause I was making up the spoken word section and speaking in fragments. Then the lights went pitch black and we launched into a three part accapella harmony of "I believe"
I woke up feeling exilerated — heart beating. It’s funny cause I really can’t sing at all.

just blabbing on

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