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Matty qui-9
Originally posted by Salamiguy:
[QB]Dreams I can remember:
-playing records with Evan Dando,he wants to hear reggae,I don`t have any reggae records.
Hey salamiguy this wasn’t a dream but you might find it amusing. A friend of mine from highschool was dating Evan Dando a couple years after we’d graduated h.s. I ended up running into dando one night at her apt. when i was in nyc visiting friends. We ended up sitting around playing/singing dino jr. songs. I was excited because I would finally be able to find out what the last line of "In a Jar" is. I asked Dando and this is the story he told me: He used to go and watch them reherse just before the living all over me album. at the end of the rehersal’s J would leave lyric sheets strewn about the floor and Dando would collect them. So I asked him excitedly. "what’s the last line." Well apparently he’d lost the lyric sheets, couldn’t remember the line and now J refuses to tell him what the line is. I was bummed but it was pretty freakin’ funny at the same time. anyway just thought you might find the anecdote amusing. kind of silly, but it’s a true story — at least according to Dando.