I was at the Cincy show also and it was very awesome! My first show too but I had to drive from Indy to see him(130 miles). J hasn’t been in Indy in 10 years..and I’ve been wanting to see him for a very long time.

So I got to the show about a half hour early and say J just chillin’ out outside the club. I wanted to say something to him but he was having a conversation with one of the guys from Cobra and didn’t want to seem like an ass cutting in.

The show itself like I said was very awesome. I’ve heard some recordings of J’s shows prior to this so I knew a little about what to expect..but he just sounded so freaking good live. I’m so glad I went. There was a couple that was sitting with us at our table. The guy turns to me and asks me ‘Do you know who this guy is?’ I guess he had no clue..had no idea who Dinosaur was but he seemed to be really impressed by him (big surprise) I still can’t figure out why a person would pay $15 to see someonme they didn’t even know..kind of weird.

My friend that I took with me wasn’t a fan before the show but he was asking me to burn a few discs of his afterwards. All I can say is if you have the oportunity to see him on this tour you definetly should:)