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Yeah, really great gig. First song was ‘Someone said’. That was a bit of a surprise for me. ‘Flying Cloud’ was also one of my favourites. That ‘cut and paste’-pedal is really a great invention. Made ‘Get me’, ‘What else’s new’ and ‘Ammaring’ really good, whereas before they’d sort of drown in the soloing.

He looked really healthy for someone who’s just had surgery. Except the fact he was wearing a big body-warmer, while I had to take my sweater of because of the heat (and maybe to show everyone my ‘J Mascis + the Fog’ T-shirt <img> ).

Never would have thought so many people still enjoy J so much. In the end everybody kept applauding and screaming for an encore. This woman behind me was yelling at the female presenter dB mentioned: ‘Get off the stage, let J back on! We don’t want you, we want J Mascis!’

Also checked out the new band of the former frontman of Kula Shaker, The Jeevas. Was pretty good.