I think that J and Lou have no business playing together. But the idea of J haveing a permenant band again would be great.

Lou sucks but… it’s REAL COOL the way he sucks (I don’t want to try to explain that but it’s true….) I got "the Sebadoh" album. I like a couple of the songs on it. ("Flame", "Tree") But I used to have one of Lou’s home made tapes. I liked that better. It TOTALLY SUCKED but it was better. I think Lou should have never entered a recording studio (except with Dino Jr.) I think He should have just stuck with his D.I.Y. condenser mike tape recorder sillyness. There was a spiritual quality in that tape that is also in many of the songs that J wrote.

But some times J’s personality comes across so strong that I just want to JUMP OFF A CLIFF or some thing!!! On two occasions I have had to trash all my Dino Jr recordings because they were edging me toward suicide. Not really but the feeling was getting over powering. There is something Intensely depressing about J.

I think some body LIKE Lou and Pat Murphy in J’s creative process would make things a little less intense. Also somebody who REALLY can SCREAM! J should have a steady band so he can write parts for particular players who are part of his world and live in the northeast (or Amherst Mass. even… )

Maybe all of the Dino Jr records were basically solo projects but the early stuff had better songs. I think it was because J was writing songs for his band to play rather than just what he wanted to hear.