Ahhh…the long-standing J vs. Lou debate. In my humble opinion, both are immensely talented musicians and songwriters…with very drastically different visions. It’s really amazing to think that so much talent was packed into a power trio. Reminds me quite a bit of the Uncle Tupelo situation. Two great songwriters struggling, competing even, against each other to fulfill their particular vision. But I think the essential difference between the two is that, in the case of early Dinosaur, it was J’s vision for the most part, and he managed to convince both Lou and Murph to buy into it, at least for a time. With Uncle Tupelo, it always seemed like the sides were more evenly represented.

I’ve always thought that one of the most compelling characteristics of Lou’s songwriting is his willingness to put everything right on the table. He doesn’t seem to hold much back (at least in the earlier stuff) and his songs seem to be much more…this isn’t the ideal word, but it’ll have to do…’specific’ and, at times, very honest and poetic. You’d never hear J write lyrics like those in "Homemade," "Brand New Love," or "Soul and Fire." J’s lyrics, on the other hand, have always seemed to be somewhat more vague, open to different interpretations, as if he’s unwilling to reveal too much. I still love ’em, but I think it was best for J and Lou to part ways so that we now have both revered canons of Dinosaur and Sebadoh. Very different, but both brilliant. And as for a reunion, forget about it.

Kracked Lung