Hager wrote:
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The following is from an article on the NME website (http://www.nme.com/newsdesk/19990120133903news.html&#8221;>http://www.nme.com/newsdesk/19990120133903news.html)- a short interview with Lou where he talks about once wanting to take revenge on J. What the hell’s he talking about? What happened between them?


I wrote:
i think Lou was pretty mad the way J gave him the boot. i can’t blame him too much, Lou seems like a pretty sensitive guy and was ousted from a band he was an integral part of (i might get flack for that). he worked just as hard as j and murph to get to the point of moderate success and was kicked out. it was probably for the best, they are both great songwriters and needed their own bands. i like Sebadoh lots. Bakesale is awesome! and i really think Lou added something special to DinoJr when playing bass, it made J sound even better.

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