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i agree on Dinosaur THe solos werent that kicking but on your living all over me i think some of J’s best solos ever are present lets go song by song

Little Furry Things – from the start the guitar playin is awesome and his solo in the middle is a bit bland but still pleasant to the ear

Kracked – Best fucking solo in his career it would make JImi Hendrix cream in his pants

Sludefeast – at the end of teh song j goes into a kicking solo

The Lung – This solo is good but nothing to rave about

Raisans – great fucking song great fucking solo

Tarpit – this short solo is mostly a lot of distortion not so good but it goes great with the song

IN A Jar – Great solo part of the seldom heard guitar in the song

Lose – Best song Lou ever wrote not really a solo in here, why would lou want to showcase J’s talent its his vision

Poledo – Worst song on the album and i love it, its lou in his room with a guitar and two tape recorders so no J solo at all

SHow Me The Way – J does with his guitar what frampton needed special tubing to do need i say more

hagar if you like J solos you should love this album, and its proof that J and Lou were a better creative unit when togather, but i would of thrown Lou out of the band too if i were J. I woudlnt want some gut with visions of killing me in my band

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