Yeah, I think I know what you mean, about the way Lou sucks in a really cool way, but I think that is mainly on his "Sentridoh" stuff. I don’t think that’s all there is to Lou. The songs he wrote for Sebadoh’s "Harmacy" are excellent. Beautiful melodies, great lyrics, excellent singing – he really is a great songwriter, and not just for stuff "recorded by Lou & Lou alone on two crappy taperecorders".

I agree with you about the intensity of J’s music. But although, or probably because, there is an intense loneliness and melancholy in most of J’s songs, they can be extremely comforting.

In my opinion "Where you been" has the best songs – for me, that’s the album where everything that makes J Mascis so great falls exactly in its right place.


"The chief problem about death, incidentally, is the fear that there may be no afterlife – a depressing thought, particularly for those who have bothered to shave. Also, there is the fear that there is an afterlife but no one will know where it’s being held."

– Woody Allen

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