I have to say that I have no knowledge of even a single song by Sebadoh. I started getting into Dino in the early 90’s, and the stuff I love most (although I do have and enjoy all the early stuff too) is everything after Lou left. I saw Lou hosting 120 minutes one night and I laughed hysterically when he played an early Dino video (Little Fury Things) and then referred to J’s new stuff as "Dino-Bore Jr." What a sour-grape sucking loser. J’s newer stuff (well, Bug and later) is the stuff J makes that he would want to listen to, and by a miraculous coincidence, it happens to be exactly what I want to hear. I always think of it as music I would like to have written, had I the talent and creativity. I respect an artist with the integrity to play exactly what he or she wants, even though they may have the know-how and ability to create super-polished, radio-friendly money-makers. Sorry for all the hyphenations.

Chris http://www.jamalong.com