Enought already! Okay, so Lou had some problems with being kicked out by J – but some innocent fantasy about SNL really is no reason to start bashing him. I saw Lou in Amsterdam this year, and he was great. Or just listen to his songs on Harmacy – songs so pure and honest that your heart almost breaks just listening to them.

And I prefer "Where you been" to anything else, but it’s really not true that J’s music "improved vastly" after Lou left. "You’re living all over me" is a brilliant album, and Lou played bass on it.

So Lou whines? God! Half of pop music is guys whining that either: 1) They are lonely 2)They were lonely yesterday 3) They will be lonely tomorrow. What did you think J is doing? He could be the king of whiners (and that’s exactly why I love his music so much). "Why won’t you be my friend, I would love to hold you tonight even if we just pretend." Good music is all about whining, and as long as it’s done in pureness and honesty, that’s just great.


"How wrong Emily Dickinson was! Hope is not ‘the thing with feathers.’ The thing with feathers has turned out to be my nephew. I must take him to see a specialist in Zurich."

– Woody Allen

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