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I have a friend that loves Garth Brooks <img> I still respect her regardless,I don`t laugh at her about it cuz I don`t like him or his music,if that`s who she likes,that`s cool with me.
There`s always been crap music,you can go back to the 1920`s,it was`nt the hot jazz of the day that made the charts,it was what was called sweet jazz <img> really watered down jazz,the lite jazz of the era I guess.You can go through the charts since the 20`s and see the amount of crap that was on the charts,crap will problably always be there.
I don`t force any music on people,if they want suggestions,I`ll give them to them but I`m not going to tell them their collection is`nt cool because it does`nt look like mine.I have my opinion on bands and artists and they have theirs.

Is`nt it odd that the Swervedriver/JAMC influence on TOD is`nt talked about though?all you hear about them is "emo band" <img>