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So malcom what would you suggest in that ACME kinda way for your friends nsync illness…the Monkees <img>

If you start complaining about derivative bands not being worthwhile we may all end up listening to old r & b, jazz etc versus what we all listen to now. Where do you draw the line, what degree is ok for borrowing of sounds/technique,style etc. Why listen to the Hellacopters when I could listen to Sonics Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, Alice Cooper, Stones and so on down the line…because they use their influences and mix it up with their own WOW factor and I love it. I have heard that more than a few times from friends, especially related to The Hellacopters, but Hey! You could say Swervedriver was derivative of JAMC, evolved into something pretty pleasing in my opinion. I hear a LOT of Swervedriver/JAMC in Trail of Dead…still like listening to all three. I understand what you’re saying but just don’t take it as seriously as you seem to…sorry <img> I love hearing the influences of the above bands, even when it seems to cross a line of some sort…makes me smile all the time!!!

A 20 year old that listens to nsync, check for frontal lobe dysfunction is my advice <img> I really don’t know anyone who listens to that crap…well, except for a certain someone and the tragically unhip <img> j/k

Allison <img>