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Yes and the genome project was completed last year, at least the part where a complete genetic blueprint of the human body exists. Now, like Allison sez, what to do with it?

Far as taste is concerned, do not forget about timelessness and trends. Sure, we see these bands as maybe overpresented and lacking in some qualities (many qualities) that our favorites have, but will they stand the test of time, as some of our favorites do? A lot of songs in the crap camp are coming-of-age diddies. When the current crop of listeners "come of age" and find that both the lyrics have lesser meaning and the musical quality is not as enriched as the work of others they will more than likely encounter in maturation, some will move to the greener pastures, some will undoubtedly graze in the fields of fancy all their days. Not sure I am up for or qualified for choosing who goes where. Who knows, my future wife could be a greatful recovering Menudoholic. (now that is true fear, folks) Bye.


Have hope, I made it through the hairmetal years of Poison and the light rumpus of Tiffany, and also the oh-so-tantalizing years of the Egyptian Lover. There is a miracle, Just believe.