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The only people I know who listen to that crap are kids…I’m talking age 8 thru 13, so I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt…so yeah they were hypnotized!!!

Too be honest the only crap music I hear comes from the kids I work with…limp biscrap, britney, nsync, sum41/treble charger(these guys are the same to me, singer from tc manages/guides these guys so… <img> ) I have given up talking music with the people I work with…hair bands are their fav’s…ahhhhh, and yes I mean poison <img>

Not sure people are born with a taste for clothes etc, think the experience of life and how things happen to them influences a lot of that. Same goes for music, I actually know people who don’t listen to anything…anything at all, makes no sense to me but they seem perfectly happy. Maybe the human genome project will identify the gene combo that makes YLAOM have that special effect on us…who knows <img> Then a medication could be made to fix everyone out there who just doesn’t get it <img>


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