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Ho-leee shit. just when I was expecting this thread to die.

I have a few points here (obviously), but the order whill be off.

The reason’s I cited in parenthesis were for a reason. I don’t dislike the Chilie peppers at all. But can you really call anything after Mothers Milk Funk? Likewise, calling No Doubt anything but "pop" is an insult. I know I’m going to be attacked (probably by Rosa) for labeling, but broad labels are helpful. It’s when people start subcatagorizing that I get confused. Look at what people have done to punk for gods sake! It’s been subcatagorized into Punk, Pop-Punk, Hardcore, Hardcore punk, oi, Emo, Emocore, Hardcore Emo, and it goes on.

The reason I included "Staring at the Sea" for Marilyn manson is because of people calling him goth. The Cure are Goth, Joy Division are (arguably) goth, Manson is metal. Goth traditionally is quiet, moody music, Manson is loud angry music.

The reason I suggested Fugazi for Rage is because most Rage fans like the Political side. But Rage is Politics-lite. Maybe I’m dumb (okay, probably I’m dumb), but all I get out of Rage is some mild lefitisism and a few bits on Leonard Pelter.

And Salami, you’re right, Jimmy Cliff would be better than Marly. I had actually thought of the Brooks/Williams switch previously, guess It got brain farted.