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Hey Rosa,

I think I would become invisible if I wore white <img> My secrets out, I have a partial/goth lurking inside me, hmmm we have more in common than we suspected <img>

When it rains we get more pissed off cause that means more mosquitoes will be coming soon. They are trying more enviornmentally friendly approaches, like, larvaciding, bats <img> and different insects. Malathion is reported to be safe, do I trust that…not really. It kills off other bugs, butterflies and bees which sucks, but we have an amazing amount of blood sucking disease carrying vampire bugs to deal with so… <img>

So I will try to keep the exhaling of co2 to a minimum, shower, wear a deet underlayer to my hypnotic poison, and keep wearing black <img> May try that skeeter juice slurpee, I suspect it contains aloe which may help with the sting from all the bites…yeah right <img>

Allison <img>