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Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the healthcare system took over everything, it just always seems to get bigger but less efficient… <img> <img> <img>

Malathion is a chemical that has been banned in many places but used in my city to kill off mosquitoes…we have a zillion of them. They fog the whole city, people used to be able to get exemptions no fogging within a hundred meters. Not any more, west nile virus has shown up here so its death to all skeeters. Don’t think I will make supper outside at midnite tonite though, like my meals minus the toxic chemicals <img> Skeeter juice at 7-11 is supposed to somehow keep them away from you…yeah right. They love me, pale, dressed in black and wearing perfume…might change that perfume from poison to deet though <img>

Still trying to finish my coke slurpee… <img>


ps did you hear what that packer rookie is accused of <img>

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