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SOME of the best songs of all time:

Moon River
Peter Gunn
I Put a Spell on You
Cry Me a River
House of the Rising Sun
Love Me
Let My People Go
Nature Boy
Baltimore Oriole
That Old Black Magic

With regard to these best-ever lists, I think people tend to vote for what they THINK they SHOULD vote for, and what they think will stand the test of time. Which is not totally dishonest voting, but can be a little poorly thought-out.

It’s like how Citizen Kane tops the film lists year after year. It’s a sentimental favorite because it was innovative and accomplished, but it was also a kickass movie that people continue to enjoy.

A song isn’t voted "the best" because the band is popular, but rather because people view it as important music. Sometimes it’s important because it’s a great song that sets a standard of artistic innovation; other times, it’s important because it sets a standard of popular success. Does that make sense?