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Hey Javro.
There are actually more than 3 Coverversions of SLTS available. My favourite is a Lift music rendition from a Finish Easy Listening Combo whose name is really hard to remember. You might think that all those songs that are mentioned in the Best song of all time Poll are quite good (personally I like Smells like Teen Spirit, but could do without Stairway to Heaven and I think Hotel California is one of the worst songs ever). But that wasn´t the point. You know I have quite a lot of favorites, where I think, well as far as composition and lyrics go, this is really exellent, but they never appear in those lists. But it´s not elitist at all cause generally heaps of people have covered said songs. I mean it´s all pop music. Like Moon River is a really good pop song and people still play it. However, the voters concentrated on what I guess we still have to call Rock with a capital R (and the stardom/image that it represents)and I would like it to be more open for all kinds of popular music. I mean it´s all verse chorus, mostly really.
See, I was just trying to suggest a new approach. Frankly, some of my favorite songs don´t even have a tune and are therefore rather hard to cover.
And Dfkgrrrrrl. For years I thought it was actually called the Girl from Impanema. Sounds more natural, doesn´t it.
Only recently I got hold of the version by Julie London, which is my favourite at the moment. Great stuff.