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We currently use UBB
*note the tag at the bottom of the bbs

Infopop (formerly called Madrona Park) was the creator of this style of BBS (the format of threads and such) and when we started hosting our own bbs @ freakscene it was still the big dog (and free) <img> . Now that the ‘open source revolution’ has taken off as such there are many free (and pay options) that are great as well (a few :: http://www.VBulletin.com [$] , http://www.infopop.com [img]http://www.qksrv.net/image-235842-10581[/img] [$], http://www.phpbb.com [free], http://www.ikonboard.com [free], http://www.invisionboard.com/ [free], http://forum.snitz.com/ [free], ) The backends are usually the biggest difference (flat file vs database | cgi vs asp/php…). The choice between the various options usually depends on the server capabilities as well as the designers knowledge of the language used.

on a side note, we will be moving to a new bbs system over the next few days. All of the posts and members will be moved over so we should have little to no downtime <img> – We will not be moving the Private Messages though.. <img> We will leave this board up for a few days/weeks as read only after the transition so don’t be too alarmed <img>

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