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I think the RIAA are *@#^&*# swine, jailing and prosecuting individual users…like the court and justice department have nothing better to do. You think they would be a bit more imaginative and start working toward something that would satisfy the needs of peer to peer fileshare users…ie real pay to play/burn/own songs not just shadow songs that you have to pay for over and over again… <img>

Followed a link on that site, read how the riaa is looking for royalties from used cd sales… <img> <img> Apparently getting paid once for the disc isn’t good enuf for them, they want more, six percent if I recall correctly. Loved the part about how we don’t really own what we buy just rent it… <img> I certainly pay a lot to rent music… <img>

Halfman I think the RIAA is looking for (or received) permission to hack into peoples computers looking for illegal files, they may be putting bogus files up for people to download… <img> Shocking no doubt to open those files, was recently hijacked myself to some absolutely horrifying sites. Was supposed to be a link for robot/monster ecards…not the case, led to all kinds of porn windows opening up on my pc…YIKES.

Carl. you are absolutely on the mark about how file sharing has effected my disc buying…more and more all the time. Although some are difficult to find where I am…or is that because record companies actually are still focusing on the crap manufactured sounds versus <img> real music!!!


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