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I agree wholeheartedly on the take for state’s rights. Need to look at your post some more for the civilrights justification and think on it. my own reasoning would stem from the new federalism with block grants etc. that finacially and legally allow state;s to do what they want with fed money vs. them being held to dictates. Now, we know those grants are set up to have states carry out fed directives to an extent, but the wordings of these directives are such that the states have much more latitude than in the days of layer-cake federalism.

How does federalism impact the RIAA ties? Not sure, since entertainment is still an open and free market with no federal manufacturing of music (thank god). With as many different political angles to pursue, I still could see a wide open approach to this matter if our judicial branch would to get involved. Perhaps the party influence might come out in amicus curae briefs by lobbyists but we have too many cross-geographical influences and financial interests to say it could go one way or the other. However, I am really learning a lot with the way it is unfolding and from having the chance to discuss it with you all right here. Thanks.