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What the RIAA and U.S. Dept. of Justice fail to understand is that once Kazaa, et.al. are shut down, someone will put up another server.. Somewhere.. Russia, Cayman Islands, etc.. And word will spread amongst the internet, and we will still have the file sharing capability.. <img>
There is someone who is developing a P2P file sharing program that does not require a server. You install the client, and select users who you want to share files with. Imagine that, we could have an entrie freakscene ring. <img> I wish I could remember the name, though.

I wish there was a way for those of us who have CRAPPY local radio stations (Los Angeles is bad, especially when 88.9 is about a 20 watt station, and KROQ 106.7 does not play indie as much as I would like) to write public officials and explain how they use the digital music swapping services. I am sure I am not the only one who use this process:

1) Ask Freaksceners what they listen to <img>
2) Find those songs on some swapping service
3) Find out info on the band on the web, looking for similar style bands (Surprisingly, bn.com has good info). Repeat steps two and three..
4) Write down the bands who I really enjoy and go buy the CD.

If it was not for that process, bands like Versus, 11th Dream Day, Dashboard Confessionals, and Death Cab for Cutie would not be on my list of CD’s to BUY..

There concludes my rant… FWIW


(EDIT) p.s. No, the U.S. Supreme Court may not be far away. However, it will take the people who run these systems to appeal the decisions that far, and so far they not have been willing, or do not have the resource$$$$$. So, upon further review, it may never make it that far. The Federal District Judges seem to doing a good job shutting down the services. <img> <img> <img> <img>

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