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I have kept quiet for a few days and frankly am suprised at the feedback. See, porn must be good for you!

Let me tell you why I tied that into this issue since no one has either mentioned it or figured it out:

Squeapler and RBB probably know this but in 1996 Congress passed the Communication Decency Act, prohibiting transmission of "obsence" materials etc. Many civil rights groups felt encumbered and got the ACLU to file a suit that reached the S/C called Reno vs. ACLU. Here, the CDA was overturned. The most obnoxious use of privacy was upheld. If you all want to look at this as a matter of partisanship, feel free. But this is issue oriented before party hacking.

You also probably know that the RIAA almost had riders attached to the Patriot anti-terrorism bill, before opposing lobbysits, such as the EFF, got the kabosh on that travesty and heinous use of misfortune for political influence.

My last point on why I think this whole swapping thing will come full circle in the House of Columns is that all interstate commerce is federally controlled. This is no big news, but any appeals will rocket this thing right up the line with all the potential ties to either established cases or to aspects of these cases that have not been explored for the sake of the needed precedent.


P.S. Allison and Malc I will check out your links soon.

P.P.S. If you take a peek through Open Topics from about a year ago until now, you will find several threads that tie neatly into this one. I will post them if I find time to look.

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