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Hey Rust Belt, back yer arg up then. How in your opinion did they "hand the last election to Bush"? There were dozens of political science majors at my law school and they all have a different take as do many of the lawyers so I’d love to hear yours. I mean that, not being sarcastic. election law is not my main thing, I do intellectual property law and internet law, so it’s always good to hear others’ perspectives on it.

the one caveat I’d make is that people tend to interpret the courts (supreme and otherwise) by the framework they are used to using: in other words if you’re a poli sci major or someone who’s worked for legislatures you’ll see it all as politics. if you’re an econ head you’ll see it as economics. if you come out of a big family of lawyers you’ll see it all as stare decisis. and so on. so explain your take if you would. I tend toward economic analysis because that’s what I was raised up with. I also think that big, major, high-profile court decisions like election, impeachment, etc. for the S Ct and the OJ case for the regular courts are not good bases on which to evaluate the working of a particular court or the judicial system—they’re anomalies. If you’ve studied a few terms of the Court and looked at all kinds of decisions, big small and boring, you get a better sense of it than just citing one case. so do you have other cases to cite as well in support of your view?

apologies for being longwinded, this is a topic of particular interest to me