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They could spin it like this:

Well how many other records does the digital music downloader have on his/her PC? And how does it relate to the number of CD’s they have purchased. Does the user only buy 10 CD’s a year, while downloading 50? That is not answered in the study. What is the ratio of CD’s burned to CD’s purchased?

"We, the RIAA, support paid downloads, we are only trying to stop those services that allow users to share music for free. Thereby robbing the record companies and the bands the money they deserve. Just please ignore the fact that we, the Holy RIAA, only represent 5 MAJOR labels (oh, wait, that was my add <img> <img> )"

I am sure there are a million ways to Sunday that the RIAA could spin this. Also, they just need to lobby congress. Pay, I mean pick, <img> 7 or 8 members from each party to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.. Give soft money (legal until Nov. 5) to each party, give hard money to the candidate.. That way, studies like this are rendered moot.

The RIAA can also sponsor a study to determine that a majority digital downloaders do not buy CD’s of those they download. It is , after all, only statistics. You can make them say whatever you want.

Thanks for the link, Allison