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1) RBB, you are right about the two party system ruining America. The parties are more interested in their own gain than anything to do with the people. In a sense we are literally ruled by corporations. So vote third party, show them whose boss by flushing your vote down the drain! <img> <img>

2) What confuses me most is: How can the US Government have jurisdiction over the WORLD WIDE web?? This is really weird when you think about it. I mean look at this website alone. We’ve got Americans, Netherlanders, Belgians, Norwigian, and Limeys all talking to one another. And this is, all things told, a rather small website. How can the government have any power over a site as big as Kazaa or Yahoo?

3) I thought Morpheous and Kazaa were immune to this shit. I thought there was some setup where every computer was its own server or something? I’m not a techhead, obviously, but it seems to make sense.

And I wanted to take this moment to say "thanks" to everybody out their. It’s discussions like this that make me fall in love with this bbs. And nobody’s called anything "gay" for months. <img>

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