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Long Distance Drunk

Oh man, I usually get pretty hot about issues like this, but I’ll attempt to be brief:

On the Supreme Court: Total crap. Seven of the nine always vote the party line. Four Republicans, three Democrats. I feel that the 2 party system will eventually be this country’s undoing. I mean, the Courts are supposed to be ABOVE that.

On the Justice Dept: Again, total crap. Ashcroft is SO unyieldingly "conservative" he lost an election to a dead guy. Before 9/11, his main concern was busting medicial marijuana clubs sanctioned by state law.

RIAA: THEY WANT $$$ FOR USED CDS???!?!? You have got to be kidding me. Its all about money and control. And people wonder why Sleater-Kinney didn’t sign with a major…

I’d better stop now. The FBI surely has my name on a list already…