Seems I’m really living up to my Licensed to Confuse tag today…or is just Ungrounded Confusion…not sure <img>

You know I have seen that video several times and just don’t remember that part…J hit him with his fist, YIKES <img> That guitar to the head rumor has been posted here a couple times I think, usually by an angry Sebadoh fan <img>

Haven’t read the book…gasp! shocking disclosure <img> <img> …but a number of people here have. We had a great thread going about it with some links thru the thread, some Bob Mould distractions but it eventually gets back to the book.

your life

The interview with Azzerad thru the football site is pretty cool, explains a lot of about why he chose the bands he did <img>

I stand by my theory as to the breakup though <img>