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Leave it to ol’ Curdlecuss to be the only one other than me to give Pennywise any props.

I first heard them I think in 94 when Unknown Road came out. That one was great. I fell of the track till about 98. my pub library, of all things, had Full Circle. Kind thought this one sucked, even though they kind of had a tribute to a deceased band member. Still, it was good enough to make me think Pennywise still did what they do better than most thrashpunk and light it up with lyrics that pick an issue and hone in on it, even if sometimes it becomes a bit blunt.

Later, I found Straight Ahead. To me, this album could have been the follow up to Unknown Road. It was tighter musically than any of the other ones I mentioned and the lyrics were blunt, yet expressive at the same time. Don’t know how to describe it, maybe an invective set to music.

Got Land of the Free? also. It has some good tunes as well. Has some weak points. I will not describe any of the specifics but it was worth the experiment. Ironically, it came out about a month or two before 9/11. The lyrics and subject matter were very scarily interpreted by many after the disaster. http://www.pennywisdom.com said that Pennywise not only pulled the single off the radio (forget which one) due to the complaints but also cancelled their tour for the time being. I do not know if they rescheduled or not.

One end note, Eminem’s posse and another rapper got into a fight on the Warped tour and got booted. Fletcher, the 6’5" psychotic alkoguitarist for Pennywise got in the middle and broke it up. He actually acted as peacemaker, with "motivation" of course. Pretty good for a guy who drinks fifths like some drink Evian and shoves hotdogs up his nose to check the fit.

Checkin’ my coy little axehandle at the door,