question is: does it matter?

Rich is tripe like Elton John, Phil Collins et al churning out vile filthy ballads – seems you get rich, lose yr integrity (if it was there in the first place) release whatever the fuck you like so long as it’s overtly mersh keep raking the bucks in.

If Mascis was rich would he be hoofin’ across Europe cramped in a Mercedes Sprinter with no toilet (see Mike ‘piss bottle man’ Watt)?

my guess is his old man died left him a fair bit of cash (he was a Dentist!!!) with which he sensibly invested in a couple of properties and a studio…as far as I know Where YOu Been and Green Mind sold the most copies so he probably made a bit from those but probably not too much or else Warners wouldn’t have dropped him quite so easily (am I naive?!)

Just one more thing I have a friend who works in a record shop…in this one shop he says at least one old dinosaur jr record is sold every week (such is the fortune of creating two very influential LPs in BUG and YOURE LIVING ALL OVER ME) multiply this fact across all record stores in the Europe, USA, Australia, Japan etc this adds to the royalties no doubt –

nah – Mascis ain’t rich but he makes a respectable income I reck’

Did I answer my initial question? Fuck knows I forgot about it when my mind went off on one.

see ya