I don’t think J ever intended to be rich (if he really is now…) I grew up in that stupid college town, Amherst Mass. Same as J. I knew him a little in High School. Last I saw him was in 1988 I think. I ran into Murph who agreed to let me hang out at their practice session if I gave him a ride.

I think J said he was working part time pumping gas. They were practicing in the basment of J.s family home. This basement was WALLED with harlaquin romance novels, literally. I did not see any signs of wealth.

They talked about thier lack of finacial sucess. They said they had only made enough from music to pay for expenses and nice equipment. They all lived at home.

Basically what I am saying is that J is just like you an me except he has a talent for what he does and got a few breaks. He seems to be well off now with a house in the sticks, and a Manhattan apartment, and a studio. But I read an interview about the Fog tour where J said that he was not going to have a chance to practice with the band before they started touring:

He said practicing was expensive. So he is either cheap or just not that rich… I think it’s the latter.