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I was talking to my ma today. She was talking about her neighbors at the retirement place she lives at. Said it is very 50’s like, such as you have the black oldsters on one side and the whites on the other trying to figure out ways to get rid of the other ones. Flips me out at times….
Was reading about King Cotton today in my history assignment. The chapter explained how it created a southern aristocracy that sort of led to the uneven distribution of wealth and the vast separation of social classes and racial stereotyping that we see today. Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting all of our woes on southern history by any means. The north, with their tariffs and the single-minded advocacy of abolitionism without considering the financial future of the southern economy, pissed the old boys off to the point of secession. Meanwhile, the blacks had to keep cleaning the messes and put their bodies on the line for both sides to win freedoms that they are still not privy to this day, like being taken as honest, upstanding citizens at face value, without being profiled by shopkeepers or police as instant criminals.

I like the Feng Shui mentality. Can anyone here point to or explain the coincidence that ergonomics legislature began cropping up right around the time Feng Shui was getting national press? Clinton, I think, pushed for federal ergonomics standards in the workplace and Bush shot it down in the early days of his admin.

I think centeredness must begin in the mind, yet, the mind is a sponge. It only soaks up what it is immersed in. Perhaps, the solubility of common-sense and at least moderate tolerance would provide a good balance.


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