"Tom" wrote:
J is my favorite. Always is, always will be. He is so damn melodic.
I do think Hendrix is the best though. The stuff he was doing in the 60’s had to seem out of this world at the time. Machine Gun is such a wickedly cool guitar song.
An underrated guitar player that blows my mind is Jim Thomas of The Mermen. The surf genre has some great guitar plyers, but Jim Thomas is out of this world. He strings his guitar with bass strings and…I cant even adequetly describe how insanely good the guy is on guitar. He has to be heard.

WOW! never thought i would see <MERMEN> mentioned here :mrgreen:
I roadied that band for 5 years-loaded in and loaded out setup and broke down more than a hundred shows or so…my back hurts w/ all them big ass cabinets…
anyway JimThomas is thee modern day electric/electronic guitarrorist…
i know his setup inside and out and its a nitemare of convoluted ins/outs and splitters…i love it all.
anyway nice to see JIMI, Jim and J all in the same sentence; its a real tossup for gorgeous over the top electric guitar playin…so glad to see <MERMEN> mentioned…
keep rockin