When I first started taking guitar lessons about 10 years ago, I brought some Dino/J songs in to my guitar teacher. My guitar teachers favorite player was Randy Rhoads, and he was really more into your technical guitar players. My teacher could hear songs by your Malmsteens, Van Halens, Eric Johnsons, Rhoads, and Nuno bettencourts, and play them or tab it right away.
When he would tab out my Dinosaur stuff for me, it would give him someproblems. He had trouble figuring out the song structure and where the song was going. It was never J’s playing that gave him any trouble. It was really the early stuff that would this was an issue with, as the Dinosaur jr and Fog albums have become a little more structured. Even though J’s playing has gotten better technically, the songs seem to be a little less unpredictable.

J is my favorite. Always is, always will be. He is so damn melodic.
I do think Hendrix is the best though. The stuff he was doing in the 60’s had to seem out of this world at the time. Machine Gun is such a wickedly cool guitar song.
An underrated guitar player that blows my mind is Jim Thomas of The Mermen. The surf genre has some great guitar plyers, but Jim Thomas is out of this world. He strings his guitar with bass strings and…I cant even adequetly describe how insanely good the guy is on guitar. He has to be heard.
Mike Randle, who plays for Arthur Lee right now is great too.
I really like John frusciantes playing a lot.
Love the Built to Spill guitar sound as well, but I never really know who is playing what, and where the credit should go.
Leslie West from Mountain was solid.