J is my favorite guitarist for sure,when I started listening to Dino it got me thinking about rock guitar solos at a time in my life when I listened to jazz mostly.I also listened to Hendrix and Neil alot around the same time.What`s strange is J played solos in a genre of music that frowned upon lead playing.I remember Lyle Preslar of Minor Threat saying that guitar solos in the punk scene killed the hardcore era.There still is`nt alot of lead guitarists in the punk/indie scene but it seems the ones that came after J looked to J for inspiration because there was`nt too many others.
I think coming from a jazz mindset is one reason I got into J,he`s not playing jazz but he is improvising,which is what jazz is about.

Fav guitarists:
Ira Kaplan(YLT)
Howe Gelb(Giant Sand)
Peter Visser(Bettie Serveert)
Sonny Sharrock
Blind Willie Johnson
Wes Montgomery
Ron Asheton
Bob Mould

and whoever else I`m forgetting