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Randy Jane

didnt I see these people on tv the other day also claiming that N’Sync is satanic? They said that Kurt took his own life to influence others to do the same…..yeah, I dont even think Kurt killed himself. I havent taken my ACT or SAT (old enough but just didnt) but if I made a low score on it, they couldnt say its because I own a Manson album or two…they would have to blame it on my music taste as a whole. I grew up on Bluegrass, Country, 70’s/80’s rock, then got into other things, now I like pretty much whatever im handed. It was MY choice to not pay attention all the time in school, NOT the choice of J Mascis, or Kurt, or Manson, Haggard, George Jones or whatever…thats out of the question. Im not a metal fan, but if its live and I have the money, or free..ill go see it. That doesnt mean im going to come back a changed person. I like music in general (for the most part). I dont really think its the childrens fault today. I remember how I wa raised and how other kids at the time were raised, today, its nothing of the same. Kids are always lightly tapped on the hand, and then put in time out. I understand that works for some kids, but a "good ol fashioned trip hind th woodshed" will ALWAYS do the trick, but you cant do that anymore for retards claiming it as child abuse, (if a 9 year old picked up a gun in the south…he knows what itll do if you point, and pull the trigger, but when he shoots someone…aawww, hes just 9, he didnt know anybetter).

My 8675309 cents.