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Ok, this guy makes me ashamed. Christ, I’m on a freaking high school newspaper and I know better than him. If you interview someone, you better know their life story inside and out otherwise you look like an idiot asking ‘are you playing with a band or solo’. Jesus, he’s been giging solo for months. Then there’s the sticking his two sense in during his little intro. Neil Young? God dammit. The most important thing to remember is that most often it’s fans that read a story like this, so they’ll tear you apart if you go on with you opinion about so and so’s influence and go on about how their songwriting went down the hole. You don’t say things like that unless you’ve got the person saying things that back it up. <img> Sorry, I vent because I care and whenever I read a bad interview I feel a combination of anger and pity for both artist and journalist. I’m done.

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