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As I have mentioned in other postings…these guys that do these interviews with J, just don’t get it do they? I laugh my ass off everytime I read a new one. I got to see Boilerman (another Chris, and also very cool) again at this show, and I also picked up a copy of the interview. As long as "the questions remain the same", J should play the same tune for them. …Get it? <img> I couldn’t guess what it must feel like to have someone new guy in your face in a different city ask the same questions to only print the same repeated history and have the same narrow outlook as these "reporters" do.

I’m with Screaming Tree… <img>

…let’s have all the high school news paper reporters do interviews. At least we would get to read original and well thought out questions and know that they did there homework before sitting down face to face or talking with someone over the phone for an interview. <img>