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Slaughterhouse Festival on Saturday the 23.6:

As the Booking agency of J. Macis & The Fog indicated us yesterday, had
the tape was most seriously hurt the day before yesterday a car accident with the J.
and now in Sweden in the hospital is situated.
Therefore became the remainder of the European route, and thus also the Gig next
Saturday on the slaughterhouse Festival called off.

On the following alternatives one operates at present.

a) it does not give a back-up act, the admission fee becomes on 25. – instead of 34. –
Advance booking cards are completely refunded either or we to pay at that
Evening checkout a enstsprechenden balance out.

b) Just on this Saturday come JIMMY EAT WORLD from Japan back around their
To continue route in Germany. It is quite possible it desire up
an appearance in the slaughterhouse have. In this case those remain
Admission fees the old

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Current for the recovery of J. Mascis gives it under http://www.freakscene.net /