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buckingham rabbit

dammit, my response to this from yesterday did not work, but to hell with it. indie is a stupid term, as are most of its subcategories, although i like the term ‘sadcore’. makes it sound really pathetic. but yeah, you kind of need some way to categorize or describe music. i mean, there are genres in every medium, so this is no different. thats really all these styles are–genres. like taxes and death, they are an unavoidable part of life. theres really no point in fighting it because that would just be futile.

sort off topic, i hate when video stores or other people/things try and categorize ‘independent cinema’ as a genre. it really has nothing to do with genre at all, and completely with the means by which the movie was made. indie rock, on the other hand, refers to both the means by which it was made (ie, not by a major label) and its style, however ambiguous or hard to define that may be.