buckingham rabbit

j at the casbah…

here’s the setlist, the best I can remember:

what else is new
blowin’ it
get me
flying cloud
keep the glove
little fury things
the lung/throw down (combined)
not you again
severed lips
same day
drawerings (I think he played this–anyone want to confirm?)
everybody let’s me down

the wagon

I was especially happy to hear ‘keep the glove’ because that is a great song that I think sometimes gets forgotten about since its not on a proper album.

so, nothing from ‘bug’, which is too bad, and nothing from ‘without a sound’, which isn’t surprising. <img> all the other bases were covered, i think.

tracey bonham was one of the openers and there were a lot of people there for her, or so it seemed. i was thinking ‘wtf?’ when they were singing along to her, but even more people sang to the J songs when he played.

j was outside after the show talking to people (well, they were talking to him) and as I left some girl gave him a hug. as you would expect, it looked like he felt totally awkward about this. I said nothing to him. Afterall, if I knew how to communicate with people, would I be a dinosaur jr fan at all? <img>