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I was trying to find a jazz club that would`nt be kenny g type fans,it seems the other clubs seem to focus on that stuff.I don`t give that much info in our freakscene and I don`t see why they want to know so much about me,nosy I guess.
There`s definitely snobs in indie/punk circles too,ones that look at albums to see if it`s on a major label means that it`s not indie rock or people who won`t listen to Dino after Bug,really dumb I think.Indie record labels are better then the majors in alot of ways but I`m not going to check to see if a band is on a indie label means that they`re superior to a band on a major label.
I`m not letting them get to me,I like what I like and I don`t care what the elitists think,every music has elitists it seems.One of the things in high school I prided myself on was that no one could tell what music I liked,I did`nt wear band t shirts or had a grunge look or hip hop look or whatever.