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Hey, thanks for the warm reception. Yes, I would like my old identity back. Let me know what I need to do….

Yes, I made the kids CD and, no, "Brick/Wall" wasn’t included, but a few others on the thread were. It lasted about three months, until he told me it wasn’t cool anymore. Now he really likes to listen to "Pretty Fly for a White Guy," "Ocean Size/Butthole Surfers Remix," "Unsung" by Helmet and "Money" by Pink Floyd. He covers his ears when they say "bullshit." It’s pretty cute.

If I may brag one more second, the other day he told me "$20 can buy a lot of peanuts." I said, "uh, yea," wondering what prescription drugs we’d have to buy him. He said it again, and laughed. I asked him what he meant and he said, "Buuuut I wanted a peanut….wait, $20 can buy lots of peanuts…." Then I realized, he was reciting a part of the beginnings of the Simpson episode where Bart and Millhouse OD on all-syrup squisshees. I gave him $1.

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