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the monkees REALLY got me into music…. i just recently went through my monkees collection (missing two lp´s) i bought them at tower records nyc in the mid 80´s when i got my monthly 10 $ (one album for 7$). still a great band….i mean kicking out their producer and then starting to do their own thing and that in the mid 60´s is pretty punk or not ?.
they played with hendrix in august 67 i think. the monkees were REALLY into hendrix, but most of them monkees-fans-parents thought he was way to rude and so he dropped out….but they partied together (dolenz and tork were friends with the experience).
headquarters and piesce, capricorn…. and those trio records are pretty damn good….i´m not too much of a davy jones fan (i loved him in my teens), but you and i is an amazing song with good lyrics, cool drums and great lead guitar. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]