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what the buggery bullocks is this?
it makes me truly happy to see all these folks listening to pixies!
and taking advice from some folks here i just done ordered from my local record store(the only place i spend $$ other than for groceries, books or gas for the betty mobile) the new release cd of the first 2 db’s albums, and somethin’ else i forget…
so the owner of said local independent record shop is a total cutie but WAY oblivious to my flirts so i quitquitquit on the crush but will continue to bug him with questions and demands like keepin’ an eye out for short, sharp, shocked on used cd(it is outta print) and orderin’ the first two BT records when i got mas dinero(unless they appear in the used section). i doubt mightily i will get the new belly cd but star was ok, i did not listen to it for several years i guess that made the pop more palatable. i am a k. hersh fan from way back so i will give tanya her due, cuz i loved her writin’ with the muses.